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For the massive potential of LED lighting to be achieved, a connector system dedicated to providing a safe and reliable means of installing and operating linear LED lamps is required. Through a collaboration with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA), Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the International Electrotecnical Commission (IEC), and several leading lighting manufacturers, this critical need has been met. The Snap-Fit™ connector system is now adopted in North America as a collection of approved industry standards for ballast bypass (Type B) and low voltage external driver (Type C) installations under the designation “GJ6.6.” International adoption through the IEC is anticipated. The Snap-Fit™ system is the only standardized fit system for the T-LED lighting market.

The standards include grounded, non-grounded and low voltage options, and also address lamps having power pins at only one end. Each version is differentiated by its pin arrangement to assure compatibility between lamps and lamp holders for every available voltage.

The GJ6.6 Snap-Fit™ system provides a sensible alternative to the current market reliance on the G13 fit system, which was designed to run through a ballasted lighting system and secure lighter weight fluorescent lamps. DVA Holdings’ patents essential to the GJ6.6 standards are available for license so that all manufacturers can incorporate this first ever fit system into their T-LED lighting products. Licenses are available under patents addressing the full range of approved standards.

GJ6.6t – Two Pin With Additional Ground Pin
GJ6.6d-1 – Two Pin For Double Insulated Driver
​GJ6.6d-2 Two Pin For Low Voltage
GJ6.6 No Power End
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