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The Snap-Fit™ Connector System

Enabling the full potential of linear LED lamp technology.

G13 Installation.png

Legacy G13 Connector

The G13 lamp holder has been the standard design used in fluorescent tube lighting for decades, with its exposed electrical contacts securing the lamp’s external bi-pins. G13 T-LED lamps, however, present safety and performance issues:


  • G13 sockets and lamp pins are not designed to handle the additional weight of T-LED lamps.

  • “Type B” internally driven lamps are powered by bypassing the fluorescent ballast, resulting in externally exposed electrical contacts carrying unregulated AC line voltage.

  • Eliminating the ballast also removes system ground fault protection.

  • Higher voltages generated by T-LED lamps may cause socket ratings to be exceeded.

  • Standard G13 sockets do not offer reliable polarization of connections.

  • Inserting a fluorescent lamp in a fixture that has been rewired for ballast bypass may cause the glass tube to explode.

GJ6.6 Installation.png

Snap-Fit™ Connector

Designed specifically for the needs of T-LED technology, the Snap-Fit™ connector system is the first and only specialized lamp holder and cap system that overcomes all these issues. The benefits of this system include:


  • Accepts the weight of today’s aluminum heat sinks, PCB boards, internal drivers and smart lighting components.


  • Eliminates exposed electrical contacts.


  • Provides for isolated and/or mechanical grounding when the ballast is bypassed. 


  • Supports high voltage capability by encapsulating all power leads and providing internal grounding.


  • Ensures that a bi-pin fluorescent lamp can never mistakenly be installed into a LED ballast free fixture.

  • Eliminates the uncertainties and on-site re-inspections associated with the use of precautionary labels.

The Snap-Fit™ connector system permits T-LED lamps to be safely, reliably and economically implemented in linear fixtures and supports the full spectrum of lamp-based linear lighting applications.

snap fit 3.png
snap fit 2.png
snap fit 1.png

The system was designed to avoid increasing manufacturing or installation costs and to benefit all market participants.


For a summary of the unique characteristics of the GJ6.6 system over fluorescent systems that have been previously standardized, click here.

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